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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Which high school classes to take for a career in medicine

How to choose online courses to prepare for a career in the medical field

For many students, the path to a career starts in high school. As students increasingly identify at an early stage the fields they want to enter, they naturally want to know which high school classes will best prepare them for their chosen field.

eAchieve Academy offers a huge selection of online high school classes with free tuition for Wisconsin residents under 21. We have highly experienced instructors and provide career-planning resources to help our students meet their academic and career goals. Motivated students who have identified the healthcare or medical field at an early stage can benefit immensely from the course offerings and guidance offered at eAchieve Academy.

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Med School Prep Classes

Recommended high school classes for the medical field

To prepare for a career in medicine or healthcare, you need to take the right types of classes in high school:

Science Courses

Since you’ll be taking multiple chemistry and biology classes in college and med school, building a strong foundation in high school is a good way to prepare. Not only will you have a strong foundation in the sciences, taking all the science classes you can in high school will allow you to take more advanced science courses as an undergraduate.

AP biology, AP chemistry and AP physics are recommended for high school students planning on medical school. If you have room in your schedule, adding more science electives (like anatomy & physiology) is a good idea too.

Want to work in the medical field, but not necessarily as a doctor? You’ll still need a solid science background, so take the most challenging high school science courses you can handle.

All High School Science Courses

Math Courses

Take the most high-level math classes you can in high school to prepare for the higher-level math incorporated in pre-med science courses.

AP calculus AB/BC are recommended for high schoolers planning on going pre-med. It’s important to have strong math skills going into college so you won’t be overwhelmed by the rigorous pace of your pre-med courses.

The ability to analyze data tables and graphs is also an important skill to master early. You’ll need to be confident interpreting visual data for both college courses and the MCAT.

All High School Math Courses

English Courses

While science and math courses are emphasized for a future career in medicine, the importance of English (and all your courses, really) shouldn’t be overlooked.

Writing and communication skills are vital for any type of advanced education, including medical school (which often has an English requirement).

All High School English Courses

AP Classes

AP classes not only show college admissions officials you’re pushing yourself academically, they can save you serious money on college tuition if you earn a high enough score on the AP exam at the end of the course.

In addition to AP classes in the subjects listed above, taking advanced courses like AP Psychology and AP foreign language can help you develop valuable people skills for communicating with your future patients and coworkers.

All High School AP Courses

Taking a challenging combination of regular, honors & AP classes and always striving for the best grades possible will help you prepare for even bigger challenges in college and medical school and look good on your applications.


Other ways to prepare for your future medical career

Medical school admissions officers don’t just look at your class transcript. Volunteering at a local clinic or hospital and gaining experience in working with patients is a great way to impress both medical school and undergraduate admissions boards. Volunteering also signals that you’re a caring person with a true desire to help others.

Being able to speak at least one language other than English is another way to stand out when applying to schools or jobs in the medical field. eAchieve offers a variety of world language courses for beginners all the way through AP-level foreign language classes.

Planning on Pre-Med? Stand out to top colleges & universities

Our curriculum mirrors the curriculum at other public schools across Wisconsin, so you won’t miss any opportunities to take the classes most relevant to your career path. Students wishing to explore a particular subject in more depth can augment their course load with AP (Advanced Placement) classes or Honors classes—both highly recommended for any student striving for admission to a highly selective university.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many different medical careers:

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