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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Best high school classes for a career in law

How to choose online courses to prepare as a judge or attorney

The legal field is full of job opportunities for bright students. It’s never too early to start preparing for law school. Wisconsin students who want to become lawyers or judges should start now with the right online high school classes through eAchieve Academy.

Our FREE online charter school curriculum has part- and full-time classes in social studies, English, and other subjects common in the legal field. Honors and AP classes can raise your GPA and improve your college transcripts. Earn your high school diploma online from eAchieve Academy. Then go on to university, law school and start your career.

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How to prepare for law school in high school

Recommended high school classes for lawyers

To prepare for a career in Law, you need prepare by taking the right high school classes:

Social Studies courses

The law keeps the world running in order. If you want to work in law, you’ll need to understand why we have the laws we do. Social studies courses covering social issues, world history, government, and criminal law are all recommended for future legal workers.

All High School Social Studies Courses

English courses

Critical thinking is the cornerstone of law. You need to know how to interpret the intent and letter of the law if you want to have a successful legal career. eAchieve English classes cover more than just writing and reading comprehension. Learning how to read effectively can make life easier when you’re stuck reviewing an old legal document used to establish precedent. We also have AP classes which go over classic and modern literature.

All High School English Courses

World Language courses

Knowing multiple languages can expand your job opportunities in the legal field. Being bilingual or even trilingual can open the door for countless job offers all over the world. eAchieve language classes include beginner and AP-level Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

A lot of legal terminology is based on Latin. Our Latin 1, 2, and 3 language courses teach you basic grammar and vocabulary.

All High School World Language Courses

Information Technology (IT) courses

Cybercrime is a new field requiring lots of new legislation to control. Cybersecurity companies need workers who know equal amounts about law and technology.

eAchieve’s high school classes include IT and coding in HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Tech savvy students are welcome to take AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A to learn Python.

All High School IT Courses

Business education courses

Business education classes are a smart choice for high school students interested in working as a business lawyer. Business lawyers can work at law firms or be employed as in-house counsel in a wide variety of business types.

All High School Business Education Courses

Other ways to prepare for a judicial career path as a student

which high school classes you should take if you want to become a lawyerBefore you take the bar exam, you have to get into law school. And you can’t attend law school without first going to college and for that you need a high school diploma. eAchieve Academy career-planning resources help our students find the right path towards graduating and getting into college.

Additionally, eAchieve Academy has electives and service learning courses to fill your college applications. We teach music, art, cooking, astronomy, and foreign languages starting in our elementary school classes. Our selection of honors & AP classes are another way to raise your GPA and stand out on applications.

Studying for the LSAT: Law School Admissions Process

After high school you’ll have to attend college to earn a degree and prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This test is required by every law school in the country. Your score will determine which schools may accept you as a law student. Prestigious Ivy League law schools require prospective students to have very high LSATs in addition to high GPAs.

Once you’re in law school, you’re looking at a minimum of 3 years to complete your Juris Doctor program. A Master of Laws degree only takes one year but limits your job opportunities after graduation.

eAchieve Academy graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities across the United States. We’ve even had students invited to study at international institutions. Use the study skills you establish in high school to prep for the LSATs and the bar exam.

Taking AP classes in preparation for becoming a lawyer

Taking AP classes in high school is an excellent way to prepare for the academic rigors of college and law school. No matter which subjects you're interested in, the skills you build by succeeding in AP coursework will lay a strong foundation for your intended career in law.

eAchieve offers a wide range of free online AP classes for Wisconsin high school students.

Find out the top high school classes needed for Wisconsin college admission and law schools.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many legal careers:

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Passing the bar exam starts with a good high school education. Earn your diploma online from eAchieve Academy. Our fully accredited, K-12 public charter school offers FREE enrollment and tuition for Wisconsin students under the age of 21. 

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Sign up for our online classes to get your high school diploma, apply for colleges, and start your path to law school. Learn more about how eAchieve Academy online charter school works.

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