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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Best high school classes for a career in STEM

How to choose online courses to prepare as an engineer

Engineering is a well-paying, ever expanding field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a huge influx of engineers throughout 2024. Many of those engineers are currently in middle or high school. Wisconsin high school STEM students who want to be engineers are invited to start taking free online classes through eAchieve Academy.

The eAchieve online curriculum has all sorts of STEM classes for future engineers. Our entirely online charter school is FREE and covers everything you need to graduate with a valid Wisconsin diploma. Consider AP classes to earn early college credit. Start pursuing an engineering career today!

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High School Classes to Take for Engineering

Recommended high school classes for engineers

To prepare for a career in Engineering you need prepare by taking the right classes in high school:

Math courses

Math is the most important thing you can study if you want to be an engineer. The “M” of STEM, all engineering comes down to mathematic equations and formulas. eAchieve has many high school level math courses for our students, including calculus and pre-college math. The more challenging the math, the better.

eAchieve Academy has two college-level AP Calculus courses. Each class covers important concepts like limits, definite integrals, and differential equations. AP Calculus A/B is a prerequisite for AP Calculus B/C and both last a full year.

All High School Math Courses

Science courses

Science goes hand-in-hand with math as the foundation of engineering. Every type of engineer needs to have a solid understanding of scientific principles like biology and chemistry. eAchieve has introductory and AP science classes for high school students.

Biology and Chemistry are two commonly required classes for engineers. Introductory Biology is available for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade while Chemistry classes are limited to grades 10-12. Chemistry has one prerequisite, Algebra 1. AP Biology and AP Chemistry courses are available for students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

All High School Science Courses

Information Technology (IT) courses

eAchieve Academy has multiple STEM Information Technology classes available for our high school students. Classes cover programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVA, all of which are used in computer engineering.

Advanced students are welcome to take AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. These classes include the Python programming language.

All High School IT Courses

English courses

A good understanding of the English language is necessary for all engineers. Engineering projects can be incredibly complicated so you have to be able to clearly communicate with others to understand what you’re doing. eAchieve English classes cover writing and reading comprehension for high schoolers.

All High School English Courses

AP Courses

Taking AP science and AP math courses in high school can give you invaluable experience with more rigorous coursework in preparation for higher education. You can also earn college credit while still in high school with a high enough score on the AP exam. eAchieve offers a wide range of free online AP classes to help future engineers prepare for their chosen field:

All High School AP Courses

Other ways to prepare for a career in engineering

eAchieve Academy career-planning resources help our students find the right path for their academic and career goals. We’ll build a plan for you based on the classes you want to take and those you need to take to graduate. Our counselors are here to help you achieve your engineering dreams.

AP classes are another way to prep for an engineering future. Advanced classes show colleges you’re not afraid of a challenge. And if you pass the AP exam you get early college credit, meaning you can sign up for classes earlier than you peers and graduate sooner.

Engineering major admissions at top colleges & universities

After high school you’ll need to get into college to pursue your engineering degree. eAchieve Academy alumni have been accepted at colleges and universities across the United States. We’ve even had our students accepted at international institutions.

Colleges also look for more than just the bare basics on a transcript. You need to show you have more to offer. eAchieve Academy has electives and service learning courses to fill your transcript. Our electives include music, art, and foreign languages. These classes are an opportunity for you to learn something new and have fun.

Certain engineering careers benefit from graduate school. Having a graduate degree can mean more money compared to your peers with only four-year degrees. The study skills you establish in eAchieve’s high school STEM courses will prepare you for college and graduate school. If you don’t pursue grad school, you’ll still need to be licensed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and the state where you plan to work.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many engineering careers:

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eAchieve Academy is a fully accredited, FREE K-12 charter school. Wisconsin students under 21 can enroll for free and do not pay any tuition. High school students who attend our online classes graduate with a diploma just like those from any other high school. eAchieve graduates have been accepted at colleges and universities all over the United States and at international institutions.

Online classes at eAchieve offers students flexible, customized approach to school led by accredited Wisconsin teachers. By taking classes online you can learn on your own schedule and even graduate early. You're not limited to the schools in your district - no matter which school district you reside in, you're welcome to apply to our online public charter school.

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