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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Recommended high school classes if you want to become a dentist

How online courses can help high schoolers prepare for a dental career

Some students already know in high school they want to work in dentistry. While college and dental school are still years away, there are things you can do while still in high school to give you a head start. Choosing your elective classes with a view to building the skills you’ll need down the road is easy with eAchieve Academy.

eAchieve is an online public charter school offering a huge variety of online courses for high school students. Even better, our courses are 100% tuition-free for Wisconsin residents under 21. Our classes offer everything high schoolers need to lay the groundwork for a future dental career: math courses, science courses, and AP courses and much more.

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Recommended high school classes to become a dentist

Which high school courses to choose for a career in dentistry

To prepare for college and dental school, you need to take the right kinds of classes in high school:

Science Courses

Biology, anatomy & physiology, and chemistry are all great subjects to study when preparing for studies in dentistry. Building a strong foundation in these areas now will help you hit the ground running when taking science courses in college.

All High School Science Courses

Math Courses

Pre-dental degree requirements like calculus are much easier to handle when you’ve already been exposed to them in high school. Even if you’re not ready for pre-calculus in high school, taking the most advanced math classes you can manage will still help you work towards your goal.

All High School Math Courses

English Courses

English classes help students develop the skills necessary to approach large quantities of written information in an organized way. Strong reading and writing skills are crucial for earning an advanced degree, and will also come in handy when communicating with your staff and patients someday.

All High School English Courses

Business Courses

About three quarters of working dentists have their own practice. Our online business education classes help high school students learn essential skills for entrepreneurs: accounting, marketing, digital technology, financial planning and more.

All High School Business Education Courses

Information Technology Courses

Technology is always transforming the world and the dentistry field is no exception. Getting a handle on computer applications while still in high school will put you in a stronger position to learn and use dental practice management programs and software used in dentistry like CAD/CAM.

All High School Information Technology Courses

AP Courses

Acceptance into dental school is extremely competitive. You’ll need at minimum a 3.0 college GPA to have a chance of getting in. Taking AP courses in high school prepares you for college-level coursework early. You can even earn college credit while still in high school if you score well enough on the AP exam.

All High School AP Courses

Other ways to prepare to become a dentistHow online courses can help high school students prepare for a dental career

Volunteering is a great way to help prepare you for your future whether in the community or in a medical field. Find a local dentist and ask about volunteering, job shadowing or if they’d be willing to answer your questions.

Fine motor skills are very important for dentistry. Some ways you can begin to train is by learning painting, pottery, needlework or other arts requiring manual dexterity. Mastering a musical instrument or video games are other ways to improve your fine motor skills.

Best college majors for dental school

The vast majority of dental schools require a 4-year bachelor’s degree. In rare cases you can find an early admission program with just two or three years of college under your belt. Most dental school requirements include at least two semesters of college coursework in chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics and English. It’s common for college students planning on dental school to choose a science major for their bachelor’s degree, but a specific major isn’t required.

Best courses for admission into college

The first step in becoming a dentist is getting accepted at a university with a track for pre-dental students. College admissions staff look a variety of factors when selecting candidates, including overall GPA and the types of classes you took in high school.

eAchieve Academy graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities nationwide. We’ve created a guide to recommended high school classes for admission at top schools in Wisconsin and across the U.S. Students enrolled at our online high school also get one-on-one support from an academic advisor to help them meet their goals.

eAchieve has the resources to help you prepare for different specialties and careers in dentistry:

More about eAchieve Academy

eAchieve Academy provides not-for-profit online education and strong teacher interaction. Our wide selection of high school courses will allow you to personalize your curriculum while meeting all core course requirements.

Our online high school is ideal for highly motivated students because it lets you learn at your own pace on a flexible schedule – among other benefits.

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