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Online high school student choosing classes to prepare for a career

Which high school classes to take for a career in hardware, software, and programming

How to choose online courses to prepare for computer training

Computer Science is an incredibly versatile career field. There are programmers, engineers, software designers, front-end website developers, and more who all start with an understanding of computer science. There are a lot of jobs for those who are experienced with computation and university computer science courses are highly competitive.

eAchieve Academy is an online, public charter school. Our curriculum includes a huge selection of classes perfect for future Computer Science majors. We welcome students who embrace technology in their everyday life. That’s why we offer students a FREE laptop to use for schoolwork. Our classes cover everything needed to understand coding and programming hardware and software. We even have AP Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles classes available.

What makes eAchieve Academy different from other schools? Tuition is free. We welcome all Wisconsin students under the age of 21 and use career-planning resources to help them meet academic and career goals. Students who want a computer programming career can get started with our online classes. Start your Computer Science journey with the many course offerings and guidance offered at eAchieve Academy.

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Classes to take in high school for computer engineering

Recommended high school classes for Computer Science

To prepare for a career in computer science, you should start now by taking the right classes in high school:

Information Technology (IT) courses

eAchieve Academy has multiple Information Technology (IT) classes available for high school students who want to prepare for a career in programming. Classes cover programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Other classes cover digital imaging and web design. Learn how to navigate databases with Libre Office and Google Docs.

Of course, the best classes to take are AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. These classes expand to the Python programming language. Passing an AP class can help you skip Computer Science 101 courses when you get to college and get right into more advances courses.

Our IT courses help you prepare for computer design or programming development.

All High School IT Courses

Math courses

Mathematics are a fundamental part of computer coding languages. Math formulas are necessary for developing algorithms which make computer programming work.

Calculus is often a prerequisite for college Computer Science courses. eAchieve Academy has two college-level AP Calculus courses. Each class covers important concepts like limits, definite integrals, and differential equations. AP Calculus A/B is a prerequisite for AP Calculus B/C and both last a full year.

Not ready for AP mathematics? Our math classes extend from geometry to pre-college math.

All High School Math Courses

Science courses

Computer Science is, as the name suggests, connected to scientific study. The type of Computer Science career you want to follow will determine which science classes you should take. However, everyone should start with the basics of physics and chemistry.

Physics is important to pursuing a Computer Science degree because it is heavily involved in all sorts of computer functions. 3-dimensional computer coding, say for designing video game or movie graphics, will require a deep understanding of motion and friction. Or if you plan on creating an AI to operate with robots – that’s physics too. eAchieve has an introductory Physics class and two AP Physics classes. Taking these classes online in high school can help you meet prerequisite requirements in college.

Chemistry is another field you could explore. Computers are often used in chemistry work, such as modeling atomic formulas. Knowing the basics of chemistry makes it easier to develop new software and programs.

All High School Science Courses

English courses

Computer coding languages are often based on specific words or phrases. English skills help students know how to write and label custom coding. The classes offered by eAchieve start with basic grammar and reading comprehension. They expand to AP and honors level English.

All High School English Courses

Art courses

Art courses are necessary for anyone who wants to be a computer-based designer. eAchieve Academy has traditional art courses along with Digital Drawing and Painting. These courses are great for students who want to combine technical skills with their creative abilities.

All High School Art Courses

Other ways to prepare for a career in Computer Science

Wisconsin student taking online high school classes to prepare for a career in computer scienceUniversities admissions departments tend to look beyond your cumulative GPA when considering you for enrollment. They want to welcome students who are well-rounded, those who contribute to their community and have varied interests. eAchieve Academy has courses to help you fill out your transcript. Our elective classes cover fitness, cooking, astronomy, and foreign languages.

Service learning courses let you create an impact in hospitals, homeless shelters, libraries, and other community locations. You get the chance to give back to your community and show colleges you care.

Additionally, knowing multiple languages can expand your job opportunities in Computer Science. eAchieve offers a variety of world language courses for beginners all the way through AP-level foreign language classes.

Computer Science admissions at top colleges & universities

The first step of a Computer Science career is getting into college. eAchieve Academy graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities across the United States and even some international institutions. Other alumni have gone on to specialty training programs.

Private and Ivy League universities are known to be highly competitive. Improve your chances with AP (Advanced Placement) or Honors classes. Making the effort in your high school course load can make a big difference on your admissions application.

Find out the top high school classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide. We’ve helped our students get into their dream schools and pursue the right majors for their future careers.

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for many Computer Science careers:

More About eAchieve Academy

eAchieve Academy is an online K-12 public charter school based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We are fully accredited and offer completely FREE enrollment and tuition for Wisconsin students 21 and under. Your educational choices aren't restricted to schools in your district - students living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Online learning at eAchieve offers students a flexible, individualized approach to learning through an engaging online curriculum. All our teachers are all Wisconsin-certified with an average of 20 years of classroom experience. We give students personalized learning plans and the support they need to excel academically.

A diploma from eAchieve Academy is identical to a diploma from any other Wisconsin public school. The only difference is you get to learn from anywhere you want. Learn more about how eAchieve Academy works. Students can enroll full or part-time based on what works for them.

Contact eAchieve for more information or to enroll in computer science courses online.
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