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Best high school classes for a career in architecture

How to choose online courses for building design

Architecture is a blend between art and engineering. There’s high wages, flexible hours, and opportunities all over the world for qualified architects. Yet it’s a very difficult field to enter because you need to be both creative and technically minded. Students interested in architecture should begin their career by taking art and science classes in high school.

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Architecture Model

Recommended high school classes for architects

Start preparing for the future by taking the right high school classes:

Science courses

There’s a lot more to designing a building than drawing a picture and calling it a day. You need to calculate support structures and know where to place them for maximum strength. You’ll have to understand the many different materials used in building and how they interact. eAchieve has online introductory and AP science classes for high school students.

Architects should focus on Physics. eAchieve has two AP Physics courses. We also have Biology and Chemistry, classes recommended for engineers.

Environmental Science is recommended as well since more architects are focusing on sustainable design techniques.

All High School Science Courses

Art courses

Art is one half of the architecture equation. Art classes from eAchieve are available from kindergarten to senior year. Use these classes to build up your portfolio.

Art History is only taught at the AP level. It covers the historical and cultural impact of art around the world, including notable monuments and buildings.

All High School Art Courses

Math courses

Math is the most important thing you can study if you want to be an architectural engineer. eAchieve has high school level math courses ranging from basic algebra to AP Calculus.

Our AP Calculus courses cover important architectural concepts like limits, definite integrals, and differential equations. AP Calculus A/B is a prerequisite for AP Calculus B/C. Both last a full year. Take the classes as early as you can so you can earn credit for college.

All High School Math Courses

Business Education courses

Good classes to take in high school for architecture go beyond art and science. Architects may work with firms or be contracted independently. Basic Business Education classes teach entrepreneurship, personal financial planning, and accounting.

All Business Education Courses

Other ways to prepare for a career in architecture as a student

Architects at WorkHigh school is the perfect time to build a portfolio of unique architectural designs. Use traditional art techniques or try out digital art to bring your designs to life. The earlier you start, the more pieces you’ll have to show when it’s time to enroll in a Bachelor of Architecture program.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes for architecture are another way to get ahead. Passing AP exams leads to college credits before you’ve even graduated high school! You can cut down on the time it takes to get your Bachelor degree by using AP classes to test out of entry-level classes.

University admissions process for Bachelor of Architecture programs

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degrees traditionally take 5 years to achieve. Most architects then continue their education to receive a Master of Architecture degree in order to earn more money. Additionally, architects need to be licensed in order to work professionally. The Architecture Registration Exam is the final big test for architects. Establish good study skills now with eAchieve’s online classes.

If you only want a Bachelor degree, you need to attend a good college with a known undergraduate program in architecture. Since architecture overlaps with art and science, some schools have architecture as degrees in Bachelor of Arts or Sciences. Use eAchieve Academy career-planning resources to graduate on time and getting into college. Our counsellors build custom plans based on the classes you need for your future major.

With eAchieve Academy you can take the classes needed for college admission in Wisconsin and nationwide. Our graduates have been accepted at colleges and universities all over the United States. We’ve even had students attend international institutions!

eAchieve Academy has the resources to help you prepare for a  career as an:

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