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Online 9th Grade World Languages High School Classes

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Online 9th Grade High School World Languages Classes Wisconsin

Take freshman level online foreign language courses when you want at YOUR pace.

eAchieve Academy offers Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Latin courses. Students will learn about different cultures and history through language.

The ability to speak another language helps expand students’ world views and cultural understanding. We offer a wide variety of language levels so the learning never stops. Students who stick with a language throughout high school will be able to effectively communicate in their chosen language by graduation.

View all online world languages high school courses available for enrollment with eAchieve Academy - FREE for Wisconsin students.

Interested in learning a language? Here’s how online high school courses work

Our online courses are available to all Wisconsin residents under 21 and are taught by experienced certified instructors. Students will have access to their teachers during office hours and support from their one-on-one academic advisor.

The advantages of online high school for students

Already taking a language at your traditional high school? You can enroll part-time start studying an additional language. Our individualized pace charts help students stay on track for each class. Full-time students can even get a FREE laptop and internet stipend once enrolled.

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