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Online 12th Grade High School World Languages Courses

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Online 12th Grade High School World Languages Classes Wisconsin

Take senior level online world languages courses when you want at YOUR pace.

The ability to speak another language is a valuable skill for any student to learn. eAchieve Academy offers five different languages; Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and Latin.  Students can get a jump start on college by taking AP Spanish or AP French for college credit.

Discovering different cultures and histories through a language helps expand students’ world view and cultural understanding. With four levels offered in French, German, and Spanish students can easily graduate with the ability to communicate in their chosen language.

Check out all online high school world language classes available for enrollment - FREE for WI students.

Interested? Here’s how enrolling in online world language courses works

Through our online courses our students can study independently for credit with the ability to get in touch with teachers and their academic advisor during office hours. Each course is taught by an experienced, Wisconsin state certified online high school instructor.

The benefits of online high school language courses for students and parents

Already taking the maximum credits at your traditional high school, but want to learn a new language? Online high school gives you the flexibility to learn where and when you want. eAchieve Academy teachers create unique lesion plans that individualize learning for students

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