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Online 11th Grade High School World Languages Classes

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Online 11th Grade High School World Languages Classes Wisconsin

Take junior level online world languages courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Our online high school offers five different languages for students to study. With options for AP level courses in French and Spanish students can study for college credit while earning their high school degree. Before reaching an AP-level course eAchieve Academy provides French, Spanish, and German courses, each in four levels that build off each other.

We also offer Latin 1,2, and 3 courses for students interested in the history of Rome and Chinese 1 and 2 cater to students interested in learning to speak, write, and read Chinese. Through studying a foreign language students learn to communicate with others and discover the histories and cultures of the countries that speak those languages.

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How enrolling in online courses works

Any Wisconsin resident under 21 is able to enroll for free. Study at your own pace from home to earn your high school degree your way. Each course is designed by a Wisconsin state Wisconsin-certified instructor. Students can reach their teachers during office hours and get one-on-one support from their academic advisor.

The many benefits of online high school for students

With online school students get the best of both worlds; the ability to learn from home and opportunities to socialize and participate in community events with other eAchieve students. After graduating students receive a real high school diploma from our accredited eAchieve Academy. Full-time students can even get a FREE laptop and internet stipend.

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