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Online 12th Grade High School Social Studies Classes

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Online 12th Grade High School Social Studies Classes Wisconsin

Take senior level online social studies courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Students will learn about the past and how important events have changed the course of history. With six AP courses to choose from students will find classes on a variety of topics that can earn them college credit. Students will learn about the past through studying wars, societies, and revolutions in our US, European, and World History courses as well as their AP versions for college credit.

Our Economics and AP Economics Macro and Micro courses push students to draw conclusions about the main factors in production and the role of government in an open market society. A Social Issues course has students analyze the relationship between human behavior, culture, and society.

Study the behavior and mental processes of people in our Psychology and AP Psychology courses and study the patterns that shaped human understanding and how geographical circumstances impact all aspects of life.

Interested in pursuing a career in Law or Government? We have introductory courses that provide basic overviews of both of these fields as well as a US in a Global Perspective course to encourage cultural understanding.

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How online high school can work for you

You can enroll for free in any of our online high school courses and look forward to individualized classes created by our certified online high school instructors. The freedom to study and learn from home offers flexibility traditional onsite high schools can’t offer.

The many benefits of enrolling in online social studies courses

Students can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis and have the potential to graduate early by taking courses year round. With access to their teachers during office hour and one-on-one support students easily stay on track to complete their goals.

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