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Online 9th Grade Science High School Classes

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Online 9th Grade High School Science Classes Wisconsin

Take freshman level online science courses when you want at YOUR pace.

eAchieve Academy offers a range of science courses for freshmen to help them discover the world around them through observations, experiments and analysis. Our Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics courses provide an introduction to Chemistry, Physics and their AP versions students will encounter in the following years.

A Biology course also sets a great foundation to the processes of scientific inquiry and thinking. Our Earth Science class provide knowledge about our planet and how humans have and continue to impact it. eAchieve’s Astronomy and the Atmosphere course goes beyond the local weather and climate aspects to explore the factors that affect their existence.

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How online high school learning works

eAchieve offers online education for any Wisconsin resident under 21. Students receive one-on-one support from their academic advisors and can reach their certified instructors during office hours. Students will stay on track and reach their goals with individualized pace charts for each class.

How students benefit from online high school classes

Students will get the best of both worlds; a flexible schedule to learn at home and opportunities to socialize and participate in community events with other eAchieve students. After graduating, students receive a real high school diploma from our accredited eAchieve Academy. Full-time students can even get a FREE laptop once enrolled.

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