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Online 10th Grade Science High School Classes

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Online 10th Grade High School Science Classes Wisconsin

Take sophomore level online science courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Students will learn about the world through observations, experiments and analysis through eAchieve’s online science courses. Our AP Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses are taken for college credit and provide the next steps for students who have already completed our high school level Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.

Our Forensic Science courses gives students an introduction into how scientific techniques are used to support the legal system and the Earth Science course is a great starting point for students interested in learning about our planet and how humans impact it.

Learn the in-depth concepts and principles needed to complete future AP and college level courses with our Physical Science Chemistry and Physical Science Physics courses.

View all online high school science courses available for enrollment from eAchieve Academy - FREE for Wisconsin students.

How enrolling in online high school courses actually works

If you are a Wisconsin resident under 21 you can enroll for free in any of our online high school courses and experience the individualized classes created by our Wisconsin state certified instructors. With the freedom to study and learn from home students can work at their own pace to mean their educational goals.

The benefits of online high school courses for students

Students can enroll full-time or part-time and have the potential to graduate early by taking classes year round and choosing from a wide range of courses traditional high schools may not offer. Students will stay on track with help from their teachers during office hours and one-on-one support from their academic advisors.

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