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Online 9th Grade Math High School Classes

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Online 9th Grade High School Math Classes Wisconsin

Take freshman level online math courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Freshmen can prepare for high school level math courses with our Pre-Algebra class. This course will reinforce math skills and introduce algebraic concepts they’ll encounter in our high school level Algebra 1 course. After algebra courses students are encouraged to take a Geometry class, eAchieve’s course focuses on applying geometric concepts to the real world.

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How online high school learning works

eAchieve Academy offers online high school to all Wisconsin residents under 21. Students can work at their own pace through courses designed by Wisconsin state certified instructors and receive help from teachers during office hours and one-on-one support from their academic advisors.

The benefits of online high school for students

Online public schooling allows for flexible scheduling, helping students get the exact education you want. Our unique lesson plans individualize learning for students that most traditional high school can’t offer. Full-time students can even get a FREE laptop and internet stipend once enrolled.

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