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Online 9th Grade Information Technology High School Classes

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Online 9th Grade High School IT Classes Wisconsin

Take freshman level online IT classes when you want at YOUR pace.

eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of IT courses for freshmen. For students interested in pursuing a career in programming our Programming JAVA 1 and 2 courses provide a great starting point to learn the basics and how to use a Graphical User Interface to design their own programs.

Interested in photography? Our Digital Imaging 1 and 2 courses give an overview of digital camera techniques and concepts and students will complete the class with a portfolio demonstrating the skills they’ve learned.

Web Development A and B classes are great when paired with our Web Design Editors course, students will learn HTML and CSS in order to create well-formed, functioning websites.

View all online IT high school classes available for enrollment through eAchieve Academy - FREE for Wisconsin students.

How enrolling in online high school classes works

Students get the freedom to study independently, working at their own pace with the help of Wisconsin state certified instructors and receive support from their one-on-one academic advisor to help them meet their educational goals.

The many benefits of online high school for parents and students

eAchieve offers online high school to all Wisconsin residence under 21. Whether you’re enrolled part-time or full-time online school can help you graduate early. Students will stay on track with the use of pace charts and have access to their teachers via office hours, by phone or email. Full-time students even get a FREE laptop and internet stipend once enrolled.

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