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Online 11th Grade Health / PE High School Classes

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Online 11th Grade High School Health Physical Education Classes Wisconsin

Take junior level online Health / PE courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Students with access to a range of individual sports learn the benefits of physical activity and are able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in adulthood. Our Intro to Fitness course is designed to get students moving and improve both their knowledge and physical health.

A Health course is a great option for students who want to learn ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle that reduces health risks. Our Nutrition and Wellness class offers a comprehensive study of nutritional principles and guidelines, including the importance of understanding food labels-knowledge that will prove vital when making healthy life choices as an adult.

The Fitness Fundamentals 1 and 2 courses provide more in-depth coverage of muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and body composition topics. Learning about general health and specific aspects of fitness gives students the skills necessary for living a healthy life.

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How enrolling in online Health / PE high school courses works

Independently study and learn for credit online with the guidance of our certified online high school instructors. Studying online doesn’t mean you’re on your own, students will be able to contact their teachers during office hours and academic advisor for one-on-one support.

Benefits of online high school for juniors

Online high school is a great option for students looking to graduate early and take classes not offered at traditional onsite high schools. A wide range of specialized courses help create a well-rounded student that’s prepared for life after high school.

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