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Online 12th Grade Family & Consumer Science Classes

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Online Family & Consumer Science Courses for Seniors in High School

Take senior level online Family & Consumer Science courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Our Life Skills, Career Pathways, and Career Planning courses are committed to guiding students towards maintaining employment in a career that interests them and fits their skills. Students will learn to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication and gain teamwork skills necessary in the work place.

Resume writing, job application, and interview practice set up students for success when they enter the work force. Students with interests in restaurant operation or food preparation will find our Worldwide Cuisine and Chef Foods courses comprehensive and engaging.

For students interested in psychology or design our Fashion and Interior Design course will teach them elements and principles of design and their psychological impact. A Child Development course is a great place to start for students with goals of becoming a teacher, pediatrician, child psychologist, social worker, or child care provider.

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How seniors can enroll in online Family & Consumer Science courses – and how virtual education works

eAchieve Academy offers free online high school accessible for Wisconsin residents under 21. Students get the freedom to study independently at their own pace with the help of certified instructors and receive one-on-one support from an academic advisor to help them meet their goals.

Learn more about how online high school works for Wisconsin students.

The many benefits of enrolling in online high school

Online education offers the best of both worlds; the ability to learn at home and opportunities to socialize and participate in your community with other eAchieve students. When students graduate they receive a real high school diploma from our accredited eAchieve Academy.

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