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Online 10th Grade Family & Consumer Science High School Classes

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Online 10th Grade High School Family & Consumer Education Classes Wisconsin

Take sophomore level online family & consumer education courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Our Life Skills and Career Planning courses help guide students towards finding and maintaining employment in a field that fits their interests and skills. Students will learn to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication and gain teamwork skills necessary in the workplace.

Interested in restaurant operation or food preparation? Our Chef Foods and Worldwide Cuisine courses are comprehensive and provide engaging hands-on lessons. Or learn the principles of design through eAchieve’s Fashion and Interior Design Course. A Child Development course is a great first step for students interested in becoming a teacher, pediatrician, child psychologist or social worker.

View all online family & consumer science classes available for enrollment with eAchieve Academy - FREE for Wisconsin students.

How to enroll in your online high school courses

Independently study for credit online with the guidance of one of our certified online high school instructors. eAchieve Academy offers free tuition for any Wisconsin resident under 21. Students will stay on track with the help of pace charts and support from their one-on-one academic advisors.

Advantages of enrolling in online high school for students

Online high school is a great option for students looking to graduate early. They’re able to take classes all year round and choose from ones that their traditional high school might not offer. A wide range of specialized elective and AP courses for college credit help set students up for success after high school.

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