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Online 12th Grade English Classes

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Online English Courses for Seniors in High School

Take senior level online English courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Our wide variety of senior level online English courses allow us to cater to every student. Basic Grammar and Reading Comprehension courses are designed to help students effectively communicate through reading, writing and speaking to more specialized literature electives. Both our American and British Literature electives teach students literary terms and how to conduct research from credible sources. Literary techniques and experimentation in our Creative Writing class encourages students to regularly write in a variety of genres. Taking AP English for college credit is a great way for students to prepare for college courses.

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How enrolling in online English courses works

Online high school is a great option for non-traditional, homeschooled students, or those who want to graduate early. It is a free way for students study core classes, a wide variety of elective classesAP courses and honors courses. Each online class is taught by an experienced Wisconsin state certified instructor. You can enroll for free and even get a free laptop and internet stipend. Students are encouraged to stay on track by using pace charts for each of their classes and using their academic advisor for one-on-one support.

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Advantages of enrolling in online courses

Adding part-time online school while attending your current school can help you graduate early and take classes your regular school doesn’t offer. An online school doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Students have access to their teachers via office hours, by phone or email and pace charts are provided to keep students on track for each of their classes.

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