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Online 11th Grade High School English Classes

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Online 11th Grade High School English Classes Wisconsin

Take junior level online English courses when you want at YOUR pace.

We offer a variety of online junior level English courses that cater to every student. Basic Grammar, Communication, and Reading Comprehension courses are designed to prepare students for higher level courses by giving them the skills needed to effectively communicate through reading, writing and speaking. British and American Literature elective courses provide students with the ability to use literary terms and conduct research from credible sources.

Our Creative Writing and Literary Exploration courses expose students to a variety of genres, literary elements, and text structures. Composition and AP Prep American Literature courses prepare students for writing tasks they’ll encounter in college and the workplace.

View all online high school English courses available for enrollment with eAchieve Academy - FREE for WI students.

How enrolling in online high school English courses works

Each class is taught by certified online high school instructors who create unique lesson plans to individualize learning. Enrolling is easy and free for Wisconsin residents under 21 and full-time students can even get a FREE laptop and internet stipend.

Benefits of online high school for Wisconsin students and parents

Enjoy the best of both worlds by studying independently at home with opportunities to interact with online classmates through optional weekly eSessions and eAchieve clubs, athletic clubs, and field trips. Want to reach your goals faster? Online school gives you the option to take courses year round.

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