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Online 10th Grade English High School Classes

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Online 10th Grade High School English Classes Wisconsin

Take sophomore level online English courses when you want at YOUR pace.

A range of online sophomore level English courses allow every student to find a class that suits their level and interests. eAchieve Academy’s Basic Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Communication courses are designed to prepare students for higher level classes. They will learn the skills necessary to effectively communicate through speaking, writing and reading.

Our English 10 is a year-long required course that teach sophomores how to read and respond to a variety of literature and writing styles. We offer an AP Prep English 10 to get students ready for AP level courses. They’ll learn about literary elements and how to analyze them.

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Interested? Here’s how online K12 courses work

eAchieve Academy offers free online high school accessible to all Wisconsin residents under 21. Students will have the freedom to study and learn from anywhere, completing their goals at their own pace with one-on-one support from their academic advisor.

Benefits of online high school for Wisconsin students and parents

Our certified online high school instructors create unique lesson plans to individualize learning for students, something most traditional high schools can’t do. eAchieve students have the potential to graduate early by taking classes year round with class options onsite schools don’t offer.

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