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Online Business Education Courses for 12th Graders

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Online Business Education Courses for Seniors in High School

Take senior level online business education courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Whether you’re a student looking to gain knowledge about personal finance or are seeking a career path in business, eAchieve Academy provides a holistic business education. Gaining general knowledge through our Personal Financial Planning, Computer Applications, and Keyboarding Essentials classes is beneficial to all students. In-depth Accounting and Entrepreneurship courses set students up for success when pursuing careers in those fields.

Our personalized classes keep up with a constantly evolving business world to prepare students for rigorous college courses and real-world application.

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How online high school works for students looking for additional credit

Independently study and learn for credit online with the guidance of our certified high school instructors. Students will be able to contact their teachers during office hours as well as their academic advisor for one-on-one support. Stay on track with ease by using a pace chart for each of your classes.

Learn everything about how online high school works for Wisconsin students.

Benefits of online high school for Wisconsin students and parents

Enjoy the best of both worlds by studying independently at home with opportunities to interact with online classmates through optional weekly eSessions and eAchieve clubs, athletic clubs, and field trips. The flexibility of online schooling means you can decide to reach your goals faster by taking classes for credit year round. Learn at your own pace and thrive.

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