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9th Grade AP Classes

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Online 9th Grade AP Classes Wisconsin

Take freshman level AP courses when you want at YOUR pace.

Motivated high schoolers often ask if they can take AP courses as early as 9th grade. At eAchieve Academy the answer is YES!

We offer AP Music Theory and AP Computer Science Principles to all high school students, including 9th graders.

We also offer Pre AP English for high school freshmen, which is a great way to get a taste of AP coursework before diving in.

eAchieve is a publicly funded educational institution chartered by the School District of Waukesha. Our online AP courses are free for ALL Wisconsin students under 21. Students living out of state are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

How to get into AP classes in 9th grade

Different high schools have different requirements for freshmen who want to take AP classes. Sometimes it’s as easy as signing up for the AP class you want. Other schools require a teacher’s recommendation. In some cases a student must complete a prerequisite course and earn at least a B before they can take the AP course.

All full-time high school students at eAchieve have an academic advisor who works one-on-one with them. Talking to an AP Coordinator or AP teacher can also help you determine whether taking an AP class freshman year is the right move.

You can also enroll part-time with us, keep attending your current school and take one or two online classes.

If you’d like to know more, check out our guide to how AP classes work. We've also created some guidelines on how many AP classes to take each year of high school to act as a jumping-off point for planning your course selections.

Personalized learning for greater academic success

Every student is unique. Taking AP classes in 9th grade may be the best path for some students, while others might be better off taking honors courses and waiting until sophomore year to begin AP study. Here’s how regular, honors and AP classes compare.

Our teachers take pride in providing truly personalized education for each student, including an individual lesson plan for each course, tailored to that pupil’s strengths and weaknesses. If you believe you’re ready for AP classes in the 9th grade, contact us to learn about your options. We believe students should take the most rigorous course of study they can handle, without becoming overwhelmed.

Request enrollment info to get started, or contact us with questions about AP classes for 9th grade.

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