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12th Grade AP Classes

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Online 12th Grade AP Classes Wisconsin

Take 12th grade AP courses online at your own pace.

eAchieve Academy offers twenty different AP classes students can take in senior year:

As a publicly funded charter school, all our online AP classes are free for students under 21 living anywhere in Wisconsin. Students outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

Why it's worth taking AP classes in senior year

Some students are under the impression AP courses don’t matter senior year because college admissions offices don’t see your grades from 12th grade classes. But they still note how many honors or AP classes you take senior year, so it’s important to show you’re continuing to challenge yourself and grow academically.

Taking AP classes senior year can also save you a lot of money on college tuition in years to come. If you do well enough on the AP exam you can receive college credit for your high school AP courses.

Find out which high school classes are recommended for admission based on the college(s) you have in mind, including which AP credits are accepted at popular schools.

How many AP classes a high school senior should take

How many AP classes you should take senior year depends on how many you’ve taken in 9th-11th grades and how you fared. If you’ve done well in AP classes before 12th grade you should plan on taking additional AP classes senior year. By now you’ve probably earned most of the core credits you need to graduate, so there should be more room in your schedule for elective like AP classes.

College-bound seniors could aim for 2-4 AP classes senior year. If you’re applying to highly competitive schools you could take as many as 5-6. Our guide to how many AP classes you should take each year of high school can help you plan your course selections so you’re not stuck scrambling.

Don’t get so focused on the number of AP classes that you have little time to spend applying for scholarships and college admissions. Balance is key, and talking to your school’s academic advisor is a good place to start.

Choosing the best AP classes for your senior year

There are a couple of strategies for picking the best AP classes in 12th grade. First, there’s the potential to test out of and/or receive early college credit in certain subjects. No matter what you major in, you’ll have to take math and English classes in college. If you score high enough in AP English and AP Calculus you might not have to retake them at university.

The other approach is based on your intended college major, if you have one. As an example, if you know you want to major in one of the hard sciences, definitely get a head start on college-level science classes with AP Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

No matter which AP classes you take in 12th grade, getting accustomed to college-level material will benefit you down the road. So if you’re interested in a specific subject like AP Art History or AP Computer Science, go for it!

Taking 12th grade AP classes online lets you go at your own pace

A major advantage of taking your senior year AP classes online is being able to progress at your own speed with a flexible schedule. Our AP teachers are available by phone and email for questions, and we provide pace charts so you can stay on track. Online high school classes can also help you develop skills like self-motivation and independent study that will come in handy when you're at college.

You can enroll with us full-time and fill up your senior year schedule with regular and AP classes, or choose part-time enrollment and take one or two online classes with us each semester. This is a great option for students who want to stay at their current school and gain access to AP courses not offered locally.

Request enrollment info to get started, or contact us with questions about AP classes for 12th grade.

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