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11th Grade AP Classes

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Online 11th Grade AP Classes Wisconsin

Take 11th grade AP courses online at your own pace.

eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of online AP courses students can take in the 11th grade:

We also offer AP Prep American Literature, which helps juniors prepare for AP English (offered senior year).

Because we’re a public charter school, all online AP classes are free for Wisconsin students under 21, no matter which school district or city you live in. If you live outside Wisconsin you can enroll with paid tuition.

How to get into AP classes in 11th grade

Every school has a different policy when it comes to registering for AP classes. Sometimes you need a teacher’s recommendation, or you need to pass a prerequisite class with a good enough grade.

At eAchieve the decision to sign up for AP classes is up to you. If you’ve been doing well in core courses and honors classes and are up for the challenge you should try taking AP classes your junior year – especially if you plan on going to college. Learn more about how AP classes work or contact us with your questions - we're here to help!

How many AP classes should a junior take?

Most high school juniors interested in AP classes should take between two and four AP classes. It’s a bit of a balancing act since you’ll want to allow time to prepare for the ACT and SAT tests in 11th grade. You should also consider your overall GPA.

You don’t want to overload your schedule with AP classes and have your grades suffer because you can’t keep up. Check out our guide to how many AP classes you should take each year of high school to get a sense of how to plan your course selections.

How to choose AP classes for your junior year

There are two main things to consider when picking your 11th grade AP classes:

  • Your intended college major
  • Your academic interests

For example if you plan on getting an engineering degree in college, you should consider taking AP Calculus and AP Physics. If you’re leaning towards a degree in social sciences, choose classes like AP World History and AP Psychology.

If you have your heart set on a specific university, find out recommended classes for admissions including which AP class credits are accepted.

If you haven’t decided what you want to major in (which is fine!), choose AP classes that pique your interest and aim to create a well-rounded schedule for yourself. If you love the subject matter you’ll have an easier time putting in the work to earn a good grade and AP test score.

11th grade AP classes at eAchieve let you study at your own pace

A major advantage of taking online AP courses in high school is the ability to study whenever and wherever you want, and to go at your own speed. You don’t have to take the plunge and switch to online high school to take advantage of our AP classes. Part-time enrollment lets you stay at your current school and take one or two online AP classes each semester (a great option when schools in your area don’t offer the courses you want).

High school juniors who are enrolled full-time at our online school get the additional benefit of a dedicated academic advisor who can help you determine the best AP classes to meet your academic and career goals.

Request enrollment info to get started, or contact us with questions about AP classes for 11th grade.

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