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10th Grade AP Classes

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Online 10th Grade AP Classes Wisconsin

Take 10th grade AP courses when you want at YOUR pace.

At eAchieve Academy there’s no need to wait until junior year to take AP classes. We offer a dozen different online AP courses open to 10th grade students:

Taking AP classes starting your sophomore year is a good way to get a head start on earning college credit while still in high school (assuming you score well enough on the AP exam).

We also offer AP Prep English 10 which helps sophomores build the skills needed to do well in AP classes.

How to get into AP classes in 10th grade

A sophomore student’s ability to register for AP classes varies depending on the school. In some cases you’ll need a teacher’s recommendation, or have to earn a good enough grade in a prerequisite course.

At eAchieve the decision is up to you. You can make the switch to our online high school and fill up your 10th grade schedule with regular and AP classes. Or choose part-time enrollment, stick with your regular school and just take one or two online classes you’re interested in.

We encourage all students to sign up for the most challenging classes they can handle without becoming overwhelmed. Online high school students enrolled full-time with us get a dedicated academic advisor available to help you determine the best classes for your 10th grade year.

What are the best AP classes to take in 10th grade?

It depends on your plans for after high school. If you want to attend a highly competitive college, you should consider your intended major and take the most challenging courses you can in that department.

In general, sophomores should take AP classes in subjects they’re passionate about. AP coursework is rigorous, and you’ll have an easier time if you’re truly interested and engaged, not just doing it for how the AP class will look on your transcript.

How many AP classes should a 10th grader take?

Every student is different, so there’s no set number of AP courses recommended for sophomores. If you already took an AP class freshman year and did well, you might feel comfortable taking 2 or even 3 AP classes in 10th grade.

If you’re new to AP coursework, you could start with just one AP class in 10th grade so you can get used to the difficulty level and amount of homework. You’ll still have plenty of time junior and senior year to take additional AP classes. We've put together a guide on how many AP classes you should take in each grade to help students plan their course selections.

We’ve put together a guide on how AP classes work to give you an idea of what to expect.

Take 10th grade AP classes online – free for Wisconsin students

eAchieve is a publicly funded online high school chartered by the School District of Waukesha. Our AP classes are completely tuition-free for students under 21 living anywhere in Wisconsin. Students who live in other states are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

Contact us today with questions about 10th grade AP courses or request enrollment information to get started.

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