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Free Online High, Elementary and Middle School in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Online School Offers FREE TUITION to State Residents

eAchieve Academy understands the importance of a quality elementary, middle and high school learning experience, as well as the unique needs of students who, for varying reasons, cannot attend or do not thrive in traditional schools. Our online school program is designed to meet all students where they are educationally and help them to reach levels of success inaccessible in other school settings. 

A good education shouldn’t be a financial burden, which is why there are no enrollment costs to attend eAchieve Academy.

Our online high, middle and elementary school is completely tuition-free and open to all students in Wisconsin.

Students in the Waukesha School District can attend through an in-district transfer and any Wisconsin resident can sign up through the Open Enrollment program, regardless of their school district. Students are not required to enroll in and complete online elementary or middle school programs to be eligible for online high school.

Regardless of where you live in Wisconsin, eAchieve Academy’s online courses are available free of charge.

eAchieve Academy
for WI Residents Under 21

Group of online high school students studying with free laptopsFree Laptop for Full Time Students

Buying a new laptop for your child is not always within your budget, making accessibility to online classes very difficult for some families. Along with free tuition, eAchieve Academy has partnered with Milwaukee PC to provide free laptops to full-time online school students who have enrolled at the beginning of the school year. It is simply part of our mission to give every student an equal chance to excel academically.

Internet Service Reimbursement Every Semester

In addition to free tuition and a free laptop, eAchieve Academy lightens the financial burden even more by reimbursing you $60 for your internet service after each successful semester. A passing grade in all your subjects makes you eligible for this reimbursement.

Tuition Is Free, But Some Courses Have Materials Fees

Some online classes require consumable materials. You will need to purchase them for the duration of the course. These materials are easy to find. Additionally, some AP classes may require the purchase of physical textbooks or lab kits. These materials and textbooks will need to be purchased by each family and the costs are not reimbursed.

The free online classes more than make up for the cost of textbooks and other materials. Parents appreciate the affordability of internet-based classes and students appreciate the flexibility of a virtual learning environment.

Contact Wisconsin's tuition-free online school for more information on our free tuition and incentive programs.
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