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Succeeding in an Online High School with Proven Achievement

Wisconsin Online High School with Track Record of Success

Virtual academy student graduates with high school diploma

Students enrolled in eAchieve Academy's online high school classes have a proven record of success.

eAchieve Academy students outperform state averages and are among the highest performers on the ACT test and 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE) of all virtual high school students in Wisconsin.

eAchieve Academy students’ ACT scores have been as high as or higher than those of public school students attending class at brick and mortar schools.

In fact, an eAchieve Academy student scored a perfect 36 on his ACT in 2010. In 2014, our students exceeded the national ACT composite score by nearly 2 points on average.

Looking over our academic achievement results, you’ll be surprised how much better eAchieve Academy performs compared to traditional and other virtual schools in Wisconsin.

Increase Your Student’s Proficiency in All Areas

From reading, language arts and social studies to math and science eAchieve students continue to lead the nation in proficiency – year-after-year. Below are graphs showing how our students’ success stacks up to the Waukesha school district, the state of Wisconsin and the nation. Our online learning environment provides students with the flexibility to learn at anytime and anywhere. eAchieve students don’t have to worry about the many pressures and distractions common in the traditional classroom setting. This provides students the ability to manage school and other social activities at any time.

Every school says they are the best, but only eAchieve Academy has the results to prove it.

eAchieve Academy had the highest graduation percentage of online high schools in 2013 and traditionally ranks near the top in graduation rates. Not only are our graduation rates high, we also graduate more students than any other online high school in Wisconsin.

2005 to 2013 Online High School Graduation Rates

2005-2011 numbers taken from DPI's WiNNS system, 2012-2013 from DPI's WISEdash.

Online High School 2013 4 Year Graduation Rate

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

2011 2012 Online High School Graduation Rates

Numbers taken from DPI's WiNNS system.

2010 2011 Online High School Graduation Rates

Numbers taken from DPI's WiNNS system.

The ACT is an important test for all college-bound high school students, especially online ones. eAchieve Academy routinely outperforms other online schools and even the Waukesha School District and State of Wisconsin composite scores.

2014 WI ACT Scores

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

2014 Composite ACT WI Virtual High School Scores

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

2013 Composite ACT Scores

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

2013 Composite ACT Scores WI Virtual High Schools

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

Students attending eAchieve Academy’s online school take the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination, just like pupils in traditional schools. This test is designed to test the knowledge of students throughout the state and eAchieve Academy consistently outperforms the state and district averages.

WKCE Scores 2012

Numbers taken from DPI's WISEdash system.

2011 WKCE Online School Scores

eAchieve numbers taken from DPI's WiNNS system.

Other numbers taken from Litke, Eric. "Virtual Schools Offer Cost Savings." Green Bay Press Gazette. N.p., 28 2012. Web. 28 August 2012

We Exist to Help Your Child Succeed

Our entire faculty at eAchieve works to continually improve your child success. In order to provide students with the best possible learning environment, our staff is comprised of experienced, caring online teachers. In eSessions students are able to ask questions, join discussions and interact with other students. Students are also given pace charts in order to complete weekly assignments and not fall behind. Learn more about how eAchieve virtual school works!

Our Online High School Students’ Honors and Scholarships

Besides their stellar performance on statewide and nationwide standardized tests, eAchieve Academy students have received several notable awards. Many of our graduates have been named National Merit Scholarship Finalists and Commended Scholars. “Full Ride” scholarships have been awarded to our students by universities including Dartmouth, Marquette University, NY School of Ballet and UW Madison. Some of our graduates have even received prestigious Byrd Scholarships.

Enroll in Wisconsin’s best online high school program, eAchieve Academy, for an outstanding educational experience. 
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